The Skinny On Pet Training

The Skinny On Pet Training
What are the best methods for pet training? Believe it or not pet training is a lot like parenting.  Do you want the skinny on training your pet to be the best pet ever?  Well, keep reading for some quick tips on this not so much of a “phenomenon” as people might think!
  • First of all ALWAYS be consistent
  • Pets learn by watching just like people do
  • If you feed them only pet food, when you are ready to train use a food that they can eat and also one that will entice them to do just about anything (ie. A small piece of chicken or turkey) It is important to be consistent with the mode of enticement as much as it is to train daily.
  • When training keep repeating the same action over and over. It must stick in your pets mind that when they accomplish the action there will be a reward.
  • Start with an action that is simple and easy. If your pet catches on quickly, reward him and move on the next action that may be a little more difficult.  Remember it is baby steps, one small step at a time. 
  • Keep in mind that your pet will not learn everything in one day. Thus, much patience and willingness to spend the time training is definitely required.
If you follow these few tips, before long your pet will amaze and astound you with their willingness to learn and their want to be loved and your relationship with you pet will be the better for it!


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