The Right Pet For You

The Right Pet For You

If you are thinking about taking on a pet now or in the future, here are some things to consider and questions to ask.  What kind of pet is right for me?  Am I a lover or a fighter?  Do I really want to cuddle or do I just want company?  Am I willing to get out and “hit the trail” with a pet that needs daily exercise outdoors?  Am I home enough that my pet will not get lonely?  Am I willing to spend the extra money to properly take care of a pet?  If you are already a pet owner and are thinking about a second, how well will the two get along?  Now that’s an important one.

 These are just a few things, but mind you important things to think about when considering taking on a pet and then in finding the right one.  Sure thousands, no millions of people everywhere are pet owners.  If you are not then ask yourself some of the above questions before seriously considering a new pet. 

 A good pet owner is very devoted to their pet and will go to great lengths to please the pet. 

Most pet owners love the company and will get out and exercise with their pet.  If this doesn’t sound like you, you may not want to consider a dog, but a cat or some other type of pet that won’t require that type of attention.  If you, your spouse or significant other travel all the time for business and you just aren’t at home very much it might be better to consider a pet when the work schedule changes and you can be near your pet more.  A lose lose situation would be taking on a pet and then just leaving it behind all the time because of work or other obligations. 

The budget for a pet is important to consider because there is more to pet ownership than food water and shelter.  You must be willing to give your pet the proper medical care it needs and provide medications and or vitamins etc.  for a healthy active life.  Lastly, if this is a second pet you are considering talk with other pet owners who because they are real animal lovers have more than one pet at home.  Ask them about how their animals interact and what their advice would be about obtaining a certain species or type of animal vs another.   

 To make a long story short, do your homework before considering and obtaining any new pet.

You will be glad you did and everyone will be happy. 


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