What are the Best Practices for Goldendoodle Grooming?

What are the Best Practices for Goldendoodle Grooming?

Goldendoodle Grooming Tips

The incredibly busy lives we lead make activities such as pet grooming feel like nothing short of a chore, no fun and terribly time consuming.

If you think your pet is clean just because his furry coat looks absolutely amazing, you are sorely mistaken.  Goldendoodle grooming is more than just stroking your pet a few times with a good brush.  Grooming is about looking after your pet’s overall health and condition of their teeth, nails, paws, skin, eyes and of course their coat.  Grooming is a quintessential part of looking after your best friend!


Here are some golden doodle grooming tips and information just for you! First and foremost, good goldendoodle grooming will have your guy/girl looking so sparkling clean that it can actually have a positive effect on those they come into contact with.  A doodle as well as a mini goldendoodle who is well cared for invites people to interact and this, in turn, has a very positive effect on your pet, giving more and more opportunity for social interaction, a natural high.  Grooming also gives you a chance to really look over your pet’s overall condition.  When you are brushing take the time to look for any changes such as a lump or bump that is hiding under their coat or mats that might be causing discomfort.  As you clean teeth you may come across bleeding gums or bad breath, signs of a possible health issue.  The same with their nails and paws.  Set a note on your calendar to groom weekly.  Quick intervention means quick help from your vet. 

Also, the more you brush, the less dander in your home.  Your home and your doodle benefit. 

Lastly, let’s discuss the aspect of grooming that makes it the most fun.  Your goldendoodle is your companion and just like you don’t take a human companion for granted, nor should you take your furry companion for granted either.  Take some time and really pay attention to your doodle during grooming and you will more than likely develop a stronger bond and deeper relationship which is what every pet owner wants!

Happy Tails!


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