Sweet Dreams For You And Your Goldendoodle

Sweet Dreams For You And Your Goldendoodle

How do you promote better restful sleep for your Goldendoodle or Goldendoodle mini?  The answer is just a short read away! Let’s face it.  You come home from an exhausting day at work and the last thing on your mind is to spend an exhausting night.  So, how do you find a solution before this becomes nothing short of one overwhelming and habitual problem?

The single most cause for a restless dog at night is excess energy from lack of exercise.  Too much excitement yet to burn and it is yes, 2am!  Sadly you better muster up the energy yourself to calm your sweet Doodle down.  Another option would be to stop your dog dead in his tracks at night by engaging them throughout the day with ample mental and physical activity.  This will relieve night stress and excitement.  You will want activity at least a few hours before bedtime such as a trip to the park or a good long walk that will expend some energy.  You will NOT want to engage in strenuous play just before bedtime, or your Goldendoodle or minigoldendoodle will want to continue that play being too hyped up to calm down and rest. This is all part of the routine of good goldendoodle training.

We all want our dogs to feel at home but giving them full reign of the house can induce curiosity and in turn, anxiety at night.  Confining your Goldendoodle to their own space can give peace of mind when you use a calm and reassuring tone to coax him in.  Never make bedtime a punishment but one that your dog associates with comfort and love.  Always praise your dog when he rests well while being confined and especially provide treats as a reward.  Animals associate treats as positive reinforcement. When you are crating your dog bid them to have a good night and them leave them alone.  You are not punishing but establishing a good routine.

The comfort level In your home will surely affect your dog’s sleeping patterns.  Try keeping a light on, such as a lamp or night light and put on some soothing and relaxing music.  The temperature in your home should always be at a level of comfort throughout every season.  Just as humans prefer a good body temperature, so do our dogs. 

Most of all, do not give in to your Doodle’s whining.  You are trying to establish routine and your goldendoodle is just looking for another opportunity to roust about when it is really time to rest.  By not giving in they know you will NOT be back.  Once they figure this out, you both can get peaceful slumber and the sweetest dreams!


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