Say Good-Bye To Your Goldendoodle’s Matting (Part 1)

Say Good-Bye To Your Goldendoodle’s Matting (Part 1)

The Goldendoodle is most certainly a “golden” breed.  There are many goldendoodle and minigoldendoodle coat types and breeders have designed them to be a very beautiful dog, one that stands out in a crowd.  What a doodle owner never wants to see on that pretty coat of fur are mats.  There are a few reasons why.  First of all, mats are the first sign of poor grooming habits.  Poor grooming habits and goldendoodles Do Not mix.   Secondly, poor grooming can lead to health issues and other problems which can be both costly and unforgiving.

It is especially important to know how often to groom your Doodle. Here are a few goldendoodle grooming tools and tips. The best answer will come form either your breeder or your vet.  Listen with a keen ear and follow their instructions carefully.  Sounds like small potatoes but it might actually save your Doodle’s life.  Mark the interval of dates on your calendar so as not to forget a grooming session.  Give yourself a big high five and checkmark when completed!  Most Doodles are great at self-grooming but they can’t cover all of that territory on their own and the older they get the less they will want to groom.

Here are a few more goldendoodle grooming tips.  Remember to brush your Goldendoodle or golden doodle mini thoroughly and completely. Think in terms of sections and never miss a section when brushing.  This is a big step in looking for and removing mats.  It is also key in looking for them close to the skin and identifying anything out of the ordinary on the skin under the fur.  If you find knots or mats, do the easy ones first by working away from the skin and tugging ever so gently, and go back later for the tough ones. These larger more obstinant ones may require scissoring which we will cover in our next grooming blog.  Always reward your furry friend after grooming.  They will sit better for you if they know they can look forward to a treat 😊.  


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