Playtime and Your Goldendoodle is Not Just Doodling Around!

Playtime and Your Goldendoodle is Not Just Doodling Around!

Is playtime for a Goldendoodle or goldendoodle mini important?  Is my doodle getting enough?  Here are a few kibbles and bits about goldendoodle training and playtime.  Playtime with your Goldendoodle is the tie that binds.  It is not just doodling around!  Playtime is an essential component in your Doodle’s life.  Dogs are animals that love social interaction, pack animals so to speak and they enjoy spending time with their owner and with other dogs.  Playtime can provide benefits that enhance your dog’s physical and mental health and truly enrich life and livelihood.  We all love amusement and entertainment.  So too does your Goldendoodle or mini goldendoodle!

One of the advantages of play is that it allows individualized bonding time with your Goldendoodle.  Some dogs enjoy playing around so much so that they will try and summon their owner to play by bringing  their favorite toy or by standing on or near the spot where the toys are usually kept, yes dropping the subtle hint that yes they are bored and ready for some action!  Doodles are so smart and this is their way of communicating and letting you know how they feel.  Exercise and playtime are a favorite part of your Doodle’s day. Always carve out a slice of time in your day devoted to playtime for your goldendoodle.  It will keep them happy, healthy and in a great mood!  Just as it is for human beings, exercise means better rest.  So it is for your Doodle!

Exercise is great for physical well-being and helping your Doodle maintain musculature and improve joint health.  Your doodle will burn off calories with all physical activity as well.  Good playtime promotes better eating habits as well and gives your Doodle a healthy appetite when feeding time comes.  Exercise and play is an ideal time to help better improve their goldendoodle obedience training skills you are attempting to teach.  Basic commands such as sit, come, fetch can be added into different types of play and can be reinforced during play teaching your Goldendoodle obey.  For some Doodles, even running an obstacle course during playtime because they consider it fun. Your Doodle will always want to join in the fun of playtime.  They can never get enough!  It’s not a bad idea to reward them during play time when they are behaving well.  This will encourage your Goldendoodle to want to do it all over again tomorrow!  

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