It’s All In A Day’s Work: Goldendoodle and the Routine of Life

It’s All In A Day’s Work:  Goldendoodle and the Routine of Life

Remember when you were young and your mother always seemed to have you do the same things at the same time every day (ie eating and brushing your teeth) or tried to?  Well, believe it or not there was a method to that madness.  As people are creatures of habit so are animals.  The Goldendoodle and goldendoodle mini are no exception and routine for Goldendoodles are very important.  If you want the best companion ever in your “Doodle”  then it’s Ready! Set! Go! into a daily routine of golden doodle training that will have them “eating right out of your hand” in no time. 

The hardest part of routine is that people in general sort of hate the idea of routine, but haven’t really stopped to think long and hard about the benefits and how they more than outweigh the cons.  For instance, just going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every day will add so much value to your day simply on the merit of – it just makes you feel better.  Things that make you feel better will certainly make your Goldendoodle or golden doodle mini feel better too!  Rhyme rhythm and schedules make people whole, thus they will help your “Doodle” be a loving mainstay in your home. 
Start with baby steps in your goldendoodle training and miniature golden doodle training but really get into a routine with 1) eating 2) drinking 3) sleeping 4)grooming 5) playtime/exercise.  These five things are the mainstay of a happy life. Just like we need consistency in all these aspects, so do our furry friends.  When you can master a daily routine that includes quality time spent on each, a better well being for your Doodle will result.  A happy and healthy Goldendoodle will definitely be the best companion you have ever known or ever will know.
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