How To Handle Goldendoodle's That Chew

How To Handle Goldendoodle's That Chew

Have you ever come home and realized a favorite shoe of yours is missing? Chances are it was your pesky and furry friend that took it.  Yes, your most loved and adorable dog is truly in trouble!  Hmm…yep sit in the corner time out trouble.  We love our puppies endlessly, but sometimes they chew on the wrong things and always at the wrong time. A little research reveals that when it comes to dogs there are two types of chewers, aggressive and non-aggressive. An aggressive chewer is any dog that chews with such enthusiasm that he/she breaks or swallows the object he/she has been chewing on.  Non-aggressive chewers tend to chew more gently. Chewing is not a bad thing for your dog, its natural and certainly a healthy part of their development and daily life. To save your favorite things and to handle up on your aggressive chewer use these tips to help your dog chew more responsibly and gently.

The idea is to let your dog have the opportunity to do what comes naturally without destroying anything that is of personal value to you.  Let’s start with stowing away these items and placing them out of reach.  Anything with your scent on it will attract your dog.  Once this is done, it’s time to purchase your dog his very own items to chew on.  Let’s face it just like humans dogs just get plain bored at times.  For this reason they have a hay day chewing.  For any aggressive chewer, be sure to provide suitable chew toys. Buy toys and bones that last for long periods of time as well as toys that you know he/she is very fond of. When choosing a toy, consider the age and size of our dog to find the toy that is the right fit for them. Some durable chew toys include ropes, Nylabone toys, and balls, generally those made of rubber. If you are going to opt for rawhide, then go with a rawhide chew, made for aggressive chewers. Regular rawhide can cause possible health issues.

Another idea to use with an aggressive chewer is to combine real food with toys. Stuff the inside of a toy with his favorite snack. He/she is likely to pick up the scent and keep busy until reaching the treat.  Remember, more often than not, a dog is an aggressive chewer because of boredom. Think about when you were young and so very bored. You surely got into some kind of mischief unintentionally just because you were bored. Dogs feel the same way, so keep them busy and actvie! Your dog doesn’t mean to destroy your personal belongings; he/she is just doing what comes natural. Lavish your dog with praise when he chews the right things and leave him plenty of toys that allow for stimulation. This will save time, money and you will be rewarded with all the LOVE your dog has to give!


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