Goldendoodle Dog Food

Goldendoodle Dog Food


How much do you care about treating your Goldendoodle? There are many and varied Goldendoodle coat types, including those with the lovely Goldendoodle curly coat.  How much do you care about your Goldendoodle or mini-goldendoodle’s health?   It is paramount to ensure that their food and nutrition contain things that are going to aid in their development, improve their health, improve their shiny coat of fur and provide a high standard of living. While this mixed designer breed can avert many if not all of the health issues that their purebred parents are known to inherit, there are many issues still to be considered with respect to your Goldendoodle or golden doodle mini. Skin and coat issues, heart health, bone, hip and joint issues are all dangers that a Doodle can face, and the right food can alleviate these problems even before they begin.

The list below will show you the best foods for your Goldendoodle. From puppy, to adult, to senior nutrition, every life stage of your glowing Goldendoodle or mini-goldendoodle requires a different food. As Goldendoodles come in many different sizes, it is important to make you obtain a food meant for your Goldendoodle’s needs and weight. Take a look at the best foods for your Goldendoodle and golden doodle mini.  Your #dood will let you know which he/she likes the best.  With any of the great brands on the list, you cannot go wrong when it comes to providing your precious Golden the very best love and care.

Best Dog Foods For Goldendoodle Puppies

Merrick Backcountry


The Merrick Backcountry is a high protein food that combines pieces of raw food in order to boost immune systems in dogs. For an active dog like a Goldendoodle puppy, you need a high protein food that will best suit their nutritional needs. This line is an excellent choice do to the Lil Plates variety, which is for small breed dogs. Having both a large and small breed line puts it near the top of the Goldendoodle and mini-goldendoodle dietary choices.




Instinct, a high protein, high energy dog food designed for growing Goldendoodle puppies but perfect for active Doodle adults. Instinct has several different lines, including freeze dried raw kibble, frozen patties and kibbles that require thawing due to their ingredients and storage, and a few basic foods as well to round out the line.. Instinct is a brand that focuses not on just feeding your dog, but creating a full meal for them by adding extra ingredients to the food, making it more balanced for healthy overall nutrition.


Blue Buffalo


Blue Buffalo, the largest all natural dog food company in the world, has dozens of different formulas, lines, and protein choices.  Blue Buffalo also carries along wet food an  naturally savory treats. Their Life Protection formula is their first and foremost line, but if you want a grain free option, their Basics or Backcountry offer good choices. Many of their foods have chicken, however, so this brand does lose some points for possible sensitivities.

For a Goldendoodle, the Backcountry would be the  better choice as it has a higher protein content than some of their other lines, and also all of the Backcountry is grain free, as well.


ACANA Heritage Puppy Dry Dog Food

Acana dog food is one the highest quality foods on the market, because of healthy sourcing, high standards, and demand for the freshest ingredients in their foods. Acana makes it onto the list with sheer quality over quantity of choices, and the choices they offer are exceptionally healthy. However, due to lack of a huge selection of puppy choices, they end up lower on the list.

For a Goldendoodle puppy, the Acana is going to provide a high quality and high protein option, much like to Merrick. Acana is a higher quality food than Merrick and Blue Buffalo, but they just do not have as many choices for puppies as does their competition.

Best Dog Foods For Adult Goldendoodles

Natural Balance

The Natural Balance line is excellent for pet parents who like variety in their dog’s diet.  With food that suits all life stages, Natural Balance is easy to start and stay on for a long time. Like many of the top foods on the list, it has both large and small breed varieties, but also has multiple options for dogs in need to weight loss. Their low calorie and aptly named “Fat Dog” are great choices for Goldendoodles who have put on too much weight.

For a Goldendoodle, you may be considering what protein is the best. The truth is, different Goldendoodles and different lineages may have allergies or sensitivities to food.  Thus, there is no best protein or food for all Goldendoodles.  Different food choices will have to be made, depending on your doodles or golden doodle mini’s allergies and or sensitivities. 

Solid Gold

While not as well- known as some of the other high end dog foods, Solid Gold is an awesome choice for adult Goldendoodles. With a smaller, single line of foods, Solid Gold does not offer as much variety as other brands, but this allows them to focus more intense effort on the formulas they do offer. Instead of an all life stages formula, they offer more specific formulas for a Goldenddoodle or Minigoldendoodle’s age and size. Their small breed line is one of the best small breed foods available, both in ingredients and quality.

For a Goldendoodle, food that supports their coat throughout life is important. Solid Gold’s high quality ingredients offer omega fatty acids and nutrients that are vital to a dog’s well being, specifically for lower or no shed breeds like the Goldendoodle.



Orijen dog food is considered to be one of the highest quality dog foods on the market, and with good reason.  Exceptional ingredients, higher quality of freshness and production, and ingredient sources shown directly on the bag, it has earned this title for itself. Just beginning to expand out of online retailers and boutique stores, Orijen can be tougher to find, but worth every kibble when you find it.

For a Goldendoodle, Orijenn offers high protein food that is designed for those active, working Goldendoodles giving them the extra boost to get through a full day. While they do offer a reduced calorie option for less active dogs, they have a high protein content that requires plenty of water to keep kidneys healthy.

Whole Earth Farms

While technically another one of Merrick’s lines, it exists as a stand-alone brand rather than a variation of Whole Earth’s typical formulas. With less focus on raw diet and probiotics, Whole Earth Farms places more impact on providing a simple dog food. Without a lot of the extras that some all natural and high-end dog foods offer, Whole Earth is an excellent choice for those who may not want to spend as much, or are not sure about all natural foods and would like  a good introductory point.

For a Goldendoodle, the choice with Whole Earth of different proteins in both a normal and small breed line is very appealing indeed.  To add to this appeal, having a food that does not contain many of the extras of other all natural foods also does away with many of the ingredients than can cause digestive issues, or make a doodle decide they do not like a food.  Whole Earth is a great less expensive choice for your older adult Golden.

We hope you have enjoyed getting acquainted with the best food choices for your Goldendoodle or Minigoldendoodle.  #everybodylovesdoodles

Stay tuned for more information about your doodle and giving them the Best of Everything!


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